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I have implemented a octave image processing program. That i should run it in Hadoop environment. I am using hadoop streaming jar file. For instance,

$HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar $HADOOP_HOME/hadoop-streaming.jar -mapper /usr/OT/octavebash.sh -file /usr/OT/octavebash.sh -input /usr/OT/2003vellore.jpg -output /usr/OT/outputbash

This is the format i have given in hadoop job.

/usr/bin/octave <<EOF
rgbImage = imread("/usr/2003vre.jpg");

This is octavebash.sh file. Here I want to write a image in HDFS itself. MapReduce job is 100% completed. But i got nothing like image, I got only the folder named outputbash. Is that right the path I am giving here. Please help me to do this.

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Do those (a) scripts and (b) directories exist on all of the SLAVE NODES / tasktrackers? MAke sure you are not just looking at the hadoop master node . The real work happens on the slaves.

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