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I have below routes:

resources :venues, shallow: true do
        get "hall/:id/exhibition" => "halls#exhibition", as: :exhibition
        get "hall/:id/visit" => "halls#visit", as: :hall_visit
        get "structure", :to => "venues#venue_structure"
        resources :asset_types, :booths_tags, :tags, :uploaded_files, :events, :chats
        resources :halls do
            resources :webcasts
            resources :booths do
                resources :chats

Create action:

 # POST /halls
  def create
    @hall = Hall.new(hall_params)

    if @hall.save
      redirect_to @hall, notice: 'Hall was successfully created.'
      render action: 'new'

But I'm now getting below error for this:

undefined method `halls_path' for #<#<Class:0xb0c7300>:0xab9e7c0>

Is there a way to make this render action: 'new' part working with redirect back to form validations and error messages?

Rake routes

venue_halls_path     GET     /venues/:venue_id/halls(.:format)   halls#index
                     POST    /venues/:venue_id/halls(.:format)   halls#create
new_venue_hall_path  GET     /venues/:venue_id/halls/new(.:format)   halls#new
edit_hall_path       GET     /halls/:id/edit(.:format)   halls#edit
hall_path            GET     /halls/:id(.:format)    halls#show
                     PATCH   /halls/:id(.:format)    halls#update
                     PUT     /halls/:id(.:format)    halls#update
                     DELETE  /halls/:id(.:format)    halls#destroy
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Did you try rake routes | grep halls and see what it came up with? –  Kieran Andrews Jan 23 at 5:17
I just updated my answer –  Passionate Developer Jan 23 at 5:21
you have asked 11 ruby-on-rails questions in the last 7 days - please read the official doc before asking questions –  emaillenin Jan 23 at 5:21
@emaillenin sorry I did have a look but couldn't find this specific solution also I am coding frequently on rails for the last 7 days that's why –  Passionate Developer Jan 23 at 5:22

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When you nest things in Rails like this, when you want to go to that object, you can't just redirect to the object. You have to include the :venue as well.

@venue = params[:venue] #or however you can get the venue
redirect_to [@venue, @hall], notice: 'Hall was successfully created.'

Notice that the path to your object is an array now, because of the way it's nested.

Try that... let me know how it works for you.

Also... read this - http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#nested-resources - read the whole thing, but that's the section on nesting

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thanks a lot. What about format.html { render action: 'new' } this part? I'm getting error for this part for create action –  Passionate Developer Jan 23 at 5:33
That's a different issue, methinks. You're saying too much, too. all you need to say is render 'halls/new'. that will render the appropriate view to handle resubmitting the form. The trick to that, is your halls/new view is going to be looking for certain @instanceVariables. You need to make sure that those variables are available from your create action. –  Mallanaga Jan 23 at 5:38
I tried this render action: 'venues/#{@venue.id}/events/new' but this seems to redirect to venues/#{@venue.id}/events and missing template error –  Passionate Developer Jan 23 at 5:50
read my response again... no action. you'll want to redirect to the view that the form is on. if that's from your events controller, then you'll do render 'events/new'. Does that make sense? –  Mallanaga Jan 23 at 5:53
I just did render action: 'events/new' but I'm getting the same undefined method events_path' for #<#<Class:0xcd61d30>:0xcd61220>` error... –  Passionate Developer Jan 23 at 6:13

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