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I am using ASIHTTPRequest to download content from server. When downloading if i move from one view to another view the app is going to crash. I am stopping all the request cancel methods to stop the ASIHTTPRequest.

Used these functions.

//CFnetwork event handlers

- (void)handleNetworkEvent:(CFStreamEventType)type;
- (void)handleBytesAvailable;
- (void)handleStreamComplete;
- (void)handleStreamError;

I am using this code to stop the ASIHTTPRequest.

[request setDelegate:nil];
[request setUploadProgressDelegate:nil];
[request cancel];
[request clearDelegatesAndCancel];
[urlConnection cancel];


- (void)handleBytesAvailable
    if (![self responseHeaders]) {
        [self readResponseHeaders];

    // If we've cancelled the load part way through (for example, after deciding to use a cached version)
    if ([self complete]) {

    // In certain (presumably very rare) circumstances, handleBytesAvailable seems to be called when there isn't actually any data available
    // We'll check that there is actually data available to prevent blocking on CFReadStreamRead()
    // So far, I've only seen this in the stress tests, so it might never happen in real-world situations.
    if (!CFReadStreamHasBytesAvailable((CFReadStreamRef)[self readStream])) {

    long long bufferSize = 16384;
    if (contentLength > 262144) {
        bufferSize = 262144;
    } else if (contentLength > 65536) {
        bufferSize = 65536;

    // Reduce the buffer size if we're receiving data too quickly when bandwidth throttling is active
    // This just augments the throttling done in measureBandwidthUsage to reduce the amount we go over the limit

    if ([[self class] isBandwidthThrottled]) {
        [bandwidthThrottlingLock lock];
        if (maxBandwidthPerSecond > 0) {
            long long maxiumumSize  = (long long)maxBandwidthPerSecond-(long long)bandwidthUsedInLastSecond;
            if (maxiumumSize < 0) {
                // We aren't supposed to read any more data right now, but we'll read a single byte anyway so the CFNetwork's buffer isn't full
                bufferSize = 1;
            } else if (maxiumumSize/4 < bufferSize) {
                // We were going to fetch more data that we should be allowed, so we'll reduce the size of our read
                bufferSize = maxiumumSize/4;
        if (bufferSize < 1) {
            bufferSize = 1;
        [bandwidthThrottlingLock unlock];

    UInt8 buffer[bufferSize];
    NSInteger bytesRead = [[self readStream] read:buffer maxLength:sizeof(buffer)];

    // Less than zero is an error
    if (bytesRead < 0) {
        [self handleStreamError];

    // If zero bytes were read, wait for the EOF to come.
    } else if (bytesRead) {

        // If we are inflating the response on the fly
        NSData *inflatedData = nil;
        if ([self isResponseCompressed] && ![self shouldWaitToInflateCompressedResponses]) {
            if (![self dataDecompressor]) {
                [self setDataDecompressor:[ASIDataDecompressor decompressor]];
            NSError *err = nil;
            inflatedData = [[self dataDecompressor] uncompressBytes:buffer length:bytesRead error:&err];
            if (err) {
                [self failWithError:err];

        [self setTotalBytesRead:[self totalBytesRead]+bytesRead];
        [self setLastActivityTime:[NSDate date]];

        // For bandwidth measurement / throttling
        [ASIHTTPRequest incrementBandwidthUsedInLastSecond:bytesRead];

        // If we need to redirect, and have automatic redirect on, and might be resuming a download, let's do nothing with the content
        if ([self needsRedirect] && [self shouldRedirect] && [self allowResumeForFileDownloads]) {

        BOOL dataWillBeHandledExternally = NO;
        if ([[self delegate] respondsToSelector:[self didReceiveDataSelector]]) {
            dataWillBeHandledExternally = YES;
        if (dataReceivedBlock) {
            dataWillBeHandledExternally = YES;
        // Does the delegate want to handle the data manually?
        if (dataWillBeHandledExternally) {

            NSData *data = nil;
            if ([self isResponseCompressed] && ![self shouldWaitToInflateCompressedResponses]) {
                data = inflatedData;
            } else {
                data = [NSData dataWithBytes:buffer length:bytesRead];
            [self performSelectorOnMainThread:@selector(passOnReceivedData:) withObject:data waitUntilDone:[NSThread isMainThread]];

        // Are we downloading to a file?
        } else if ([self downloadDestinationPath]) {
            BOOL append = NO;
            if (![self fileDownloadOutputStream]) {
                if (![self temporaryFileDownloadPath]) {
                    [self setTemporaryFileDownloadPath:[NSTemporaryDirectory() stringByAppendingPathComponent:[[NSProcessInfo processInfo] globallyUniqueString]]];
                } else if ([self allowResumeForFileDownloads] && [[self requestHeaders] objectForKey:@"Range"]) {
                    if ([[self responseHeaders] objectForKey:@"Content-Range"]) {
                        append = YES;
                    } else {
                        [self incrementDownloadSizeBy:-[self partialDownloadSize]];
                        [self setPartialDownloadSize:0];

                [self setFileDownloadOutputStream:[[[NSOutputStream alloc] initToFileAtPath:[self temporaryFileDownloadPath] append:append] autorelease]];
                [[self fileDownloadOutputStream] open];

            [[self fileDownloadOutputStream] write:buffer maxLength:bytesRead];

            if ([self isResponseCompressed] && ![self shouldWaitToInflateCompressedResponses]) {

                if (![self inflatedFileDownloadOutputStream]) {
                    if (![self temporaryUncompressedDataDownloadPath]) {
                        [self setTemporaryUncompressedDataDownloadPath:[NSTemporaryDirectory() stringByAppendingPathComponent:[[NSProcessInfo processInfo] globallyUniqueString]]];

                    [self setInflatedFileDownloadOutputStream:[[[NSOutputStream alloc] initToFileAtPath:[self temporaryUncompressedDataDownloadPath] append:append] autorelease]];
                    [[self inflatedFileDownloadOutputStream] open];

                [[self inflatedFileDownloadOutputStream] write:[inflatedData bytes] maxLength:[inflatedData length]];

        //Otherwise, let's add the data to our in-memory store
        } else {
            if ([self isResponseCompressed] && ![self shouldWaitToInflateCompressedResponses]) {
                [rawResponseData appendData:inflatedData];
            } else {
                [rawResponseData appendBytes:buffer length:bytesRead];

enter image description here

I am getting this error.

Can anyone help to solve this problem.

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Where is Error log??? –  Tirth Jan 23 at 6:08
added error log. –  user2553442 Jan 23 at 6:10
Did you implement handleBytesAvailable, handleNetworkEvent, handleStreamComplete, handleStreamError methods? –  Tirth Jan 23 at 6:14
no i dint use any methods. –  user2553442 Jan 23 at 6:16
Implement this methods your request delegate method required to implement it. As per error log your code fail to find out handleBytesAvailable method on run time. –  Tirth Jan 23 at 6:18