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I am trying to incorporate jquery minicolors in an angular directive.The directive is binded to a textbox with ngModel. When I type the color code,the changed value is detected by the watch,but when I select it using colorpicker,the value is not reflected in the scope variable.Can any one tell me what am I doing wrong?

<input minicolors="colorPickerSettings" type="text" data-ng-model="category.ToBeConfirmedEventColor">

module('myApp', [])
.directive('minicolors', function () {
    return {
        require: 'ngModel',
        restrict: 'A',
        link: function (scope, element, attrs, ngModel) {            

            //gets the settings object
            var getSettings = function () {                    
                return angular.extend({}, scope.$eval(attrs.minicolors));

            //init method
            var initMinicolors = function () {
              //  debugger
                if (!ngModel) {
                var settings = getSettings();

                //initialize the starting value, if there is one
                ngModel.$render = function () {
                    if (!scope.$$phase) {
                        //not currently in $digest or $apply
                        scope.$apply(function () {
                            var color = ngModel.$viewValue;
                            element.minicolors('value', color);

                // If we don't destroy the old one it doesn't update properly when the config changes

                // Create the new minicolors widget

                // Force a render to override whatever is in the input text box

            // Watch model for changes  and then call init method again if any change occurs
            scope.$watch(getSettings, initMinicolors, true);
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Can you please create a working plunker ? I tried without success: plnkr.co/edit/v4mZvUTkHG7wnHUSmNSu?p=preview –  Ilan Frumer Jan 24 at 13:51
This has been done. You should check out kaihenzler.github.io/angular-minicolors –  Alp Apr 21 at 20:21
@Alp:I tried implementing the code but even though I can select the color from the color picker,I cant type the color codes in text box –  Prachi Pant Apr 23 at 4:39
Please show your code. –  Alp Apr 23 at 8:17

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Whenever a change occurs inside the plugin, angular.js is unaware of it.
The input works because ngModel sets an event listener on the input element change event.
minicolors triggers a change event so you can register an event listener to update the model.

Take a look in the docs.

  value: color,
  change: function(hex, opacity) {
    // update the model
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ok,but i cant reach ngModel.$render() function at all while i am selecting the color.Could you please tell me where to place this change event? –  Prachi Pant Jan 23 at 7:57

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