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I am trying to get the number of incoming links to a page through the Google Search API.

It is not working (just returning Null)

Here is the code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" creationComplete="init();" width="320" height="480" backgroundGradientColors="115115" backgroundGradientAlphas=".2" backgroundAlpha=".2" dropShadowEnabled="false">

  // Author: Wayne IV Mike
  // Project: JSwoof - The Flex JSON library.
  // Description: Formated JSON loaded from txt file.
  // Date: 31st March 2009.
  // Contact: ,

  import json.*;
  import mx.controls.Alert;

  public function loadFile4(urlLink:String):void 
   var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(urlLink);
   var urlLoad:URLLoader = new URLLoader();

   urlLoad.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, fileLoaded4);

  private function fileLoaded4(event:Event):void
   var jObj:Object = JParser.decode(; //Decode JSON from text file here.

   var jStr:String = JParser.encode(jObj);

    if(jStr != null && jStr != "")
     var LinkTemp:String = jObj.estimatedResultCount;

     txtLinks.text = "Google Links " + LinkTemp;




  private function LinkLookup():void

   loadFile4("" + NameSearch.text);



 <mx:TextInput x="17" y="86" id="NameSearch" text="cnnbrk" width="229" height="30" fontSize="16" fontWeight="bold" cornerRadius="10" shadowDirection="center" shadowDistance="5"/>
 <mx:Button x="253" y="85" label="Find" id="GoSearch" click="LinkLookup()" height="31"/>
 <mx:Label text="Links" id="txtLinks" width="233" textAlign="left" color="#FFFFFF" fontSize="14" height="21"/>


Sorry for the ugly format.

I added a trace(; and updated the code above.

This is the result -

[SWF] C:/Documents and Settings/Robert/My Documents/Flex Builder 3/.metadata/.plugins/com.adobe.flash.profiler/ProfilerAgent.swf - 17,508 bytes after decompression
[SWF] C:\Documents and Settings\Robert\My Documents\Flex Builder 3\Formated\bin-debug\Formated.swf - 781,950 bytes after decompression
[Unload SWF] C:/Documents and Settings/Robert/My Documents/Flex Builder 3/.metadata/.plugins/com.adobe.flash.profiler/ProfilerAgent.swf
{"responseData": {"results":[{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","unescapedUrl":"","url":"","visibleUrl":"","cacheUrl":"\","title":"Martyn Jones (BritishRedneck) on Twitter","titleNoFormatting":"Martyn Jones (BritishRedneck) on Twitter","content":"Finally found a free and simple way to expand my reach on Twitter. A nice 20   second process. #twpq 3:13 PM Jul 18th, 2009 from API \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e"},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","unescapedUrl":"","url":"","visibleUrl":"","cacheUrl":"\","title":"Twitter","titleNoFormatting":"Twitter","content":"Twitter is without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening   right now."},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","unescapedUrl":"","url":"","visibleUrl":"","cacheUrl":"\","title":"Rosanne Peterson (rosannepeterson) on Twitter","titleNoFormatting":"Rosanne Peterson (rosannepeterson) on Twitter","content":"Tx.All is well. Looking forward to the holday. Perhaps after will be time for   certification! 8:14 AM Dec 23rd, 2009 from txt; I am also reading \u0026quot;How I \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e"},{"GsearchResultClass":"GwebSearch","unescapedUrl":"","url":"","visibleUrl":"","cacheUrl":"\","title":"Medrep (MRSalesTraining) on Twitter","titleNoFormatting":"Medrep (MRSalesTraining) on Twitter","content":"Working away on Cardiovascular Medicine Module - heavy stuff for a Sunday   evening!! 11:09 AM Nov 8th, 2009 from web; Today\u0026#39;s Student is tomorrow\u0026#39;s Medical   \u003cb\u003e...\u003c/b\u003e"}],"cursor":{"pages":[{"start":"0","label":1},{"start":"4","label":2},{"start":"8","label":3},{"start":"12","label":4},{"start":"16","label":5},{"start":"20","label":6},{"start":"24","label":7},{"start":"28","label":8}],"estimatedResultCount":"64","currentPageIndex":0,"moreResultsUrl":"\u003dutf8\u0026ie\u003dutf8\u0026source\u003duds\u0026start\u003d0\u0026hl\u003den\u0026q\"}}, "responseDetails": null, "responseStatus": 200}

So the data return from the query is correct, and the difficulty lies in accessing the "estimatedResultCount" near the end of the JSON data.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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What does trace(; give? – Amarghosh Jan 25 '10 at 7:57

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I have not used JParser, I typically use corelib for JSON parsing. That said, you're simply accessing the value incorrectly. Try using this function.

private function fileLoaded4(event:Event):void
  var jObj:Object = JSON.decode(;

  if (jObj.results) {
    var LinkTemp:String = jObj.cursor.estimatedResultCount;

    txtLinks.text = "Google Links " + LinkTemp;

As a side note, I would recommend using to access google apis with flex.

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