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I have a div with a background-image set. I will be dynamically adding content to this div, so I need it open with the background-image. For the background-image to show up, I did:

background-size:100% 100%;


height: 100%;
width: 100%;

But it does not show the image. How do I get this working?


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jsfiddle.net/LGUFN/4 i have just updated fiddle check once – 3bu1 Jan 23 '14 at 8:51
I want the height and width to be in percentage of original. – Rahul Desai Jan 23 '14 at 8:56
would you like to get the original size of the image?instead of getting image's in to background you can use <img src="" width="100%" height="100%"/> which will serve your purpose. – 3bu1 Jan 23 '14 at 8:59
About 40% is good. – Rahul Desai Jan 23 '14 at 9:01
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html, body {
    height: 100%;   

    background-image: url('http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d2/IPhone_4S_No_shadow.png');
    background-size:100% 100%;
    border: 1px solid #92b901;
    display: block;
    min-height: 100%;
    min-width: 100%;
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Thank you for your answer. How do I set the image size to be 100% of the original size? – Rahul Desai Jan 23 '14 at 8:53
just remove background-size:100% 100%; – LorDex Jan 23 '14 at 8:59

You need to add the height to its parents: body and html. Only then it will work.

Like so:

body {
    height: 100%;

Online example can be seen here: http://jsfiddle.net/LGUFN/1/

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Does your div have a size? If it doesn't it will make the background the size of the div, which would then be 0 pixels in width and height. Try adding:

    height: 100px;
    width: 100px;
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I guess the parent of the div has no size too - so 100% won't work. Try something like this:

<div class="wrapper" style="height: 100px; width: 100px;">
    <div class="bgimage" style="height: 100%; width: 100%;">
    your content
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Image is not displayed because #container does not have any height.



This will give height to #container.


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