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Is it possible to send tcp request using NSURLRequest/NSURLConnection to an ip address and associated port from an iphone app, if yes than how? Using NSStream it is possible to establish tcp connection to an ip and port. I am trying to establish connection to a non apple device and using nsstream it works fine but it is not very responsive [may be due to the remote device] so I am looking for NSURLRequest/NSURLResponse way of doing the same thing. Can anybody suggest how to do this [if possible]?

A little googling leads me to this link http://lukassen.wordpress.com/2010/0...-on-iphone-os/ Is it a reason behind my problem with NSStream though I do not get any error Thanks


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No, it is not possible.

CFStream and/or NSStream are the only way to do it, eg:


or a wrapper around them:


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