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I want to transefer something like this:



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Please clarify: Do you want the even items or the items at even positions to be reversed? –  phimuemue Jan 23 '14 at 10:39

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Here's a draft, that reverses the elements at even positions (which is what I assume you meant by your question). This is probably far from optimal (e.g. you should make split and join tail-recursive):

let rec split = function
| [] -> [],[]
| h::[] -> [h],[]
| x::y::t -> let a,b = split t in x::a, y::b;;

let rec join a b = match a,b with
| [],_ -> b
| _,[] -> a
| ha::ta,hb::tb -> ha::hb::(join ta tb);;

let doit l = let a,b = split l in join a (List.rev b);;
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