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I've got

var $pBracketVisualOpenRegExp = /[/ ;


var $pBracketFunctionOpenRegExp = /</ ;

in my Javascript. but it doesent works with .match()

$MatchArray = $String.match(/</);

the other Brackets and Signs { ( " works fine.

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Try escaping [, like this \[ – Aziz Shaikh Jan 23 '14 at 9:43 and . or any official documentation. – Karoly Horvath Jan 23 '14 at 9:44
The character < may be special. It mark beginning of word. – Michas Jan 23 '14 at 10:28

/[/ is not a valid RegEx. See /</ should match < literally though. Try some regex playground when developing the expressions. Im much faster this way. Good places are and

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/[/ is not a valid RegEx. I tried your code for /</ and it works.

var $pBracketFunctionOpenRegExp = /</ ;

$String = 'aaa<lklkd';
$MatchArray = $String.match($pBracketFunctionOpenRegExp); //result ['<']
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"\<" will match the empty string at the beginning of word.

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