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I'm trying to import .net dll into C++ project. c++ code constains following code:

#include "stdafx.h"
#import "RemoteAgentLibs.tlb" named_guids raw_interfaces_only
int main() {
    HRESULT init = CoInitialize( NULL );
    if (init != S_OK) return 1;

    ImportedNamespace::_ClassNamePtr myclass;
    myclass = new ImportedNamespace::_ClassNamePtr("ImportedNamespace.ClassName");

Everything works fine untill I check the "Sign the assembly" in properties of my .NET project. In .NET project I get warning:

Warning 3 "path to dll" does not contain any types that can be unregistered for COM Interop.

Warning 3 "path to dll" does not contain any types that can be registered for COM Interop.

In C++ project I get error:

error C2039: 'MyMethod' : is not a member of 'ImportedNamespace::_ClassNamePtr'

Could somebody tell me why there is a problme with importing strong name signed dlls? or is there any other way to import my dll into c++ project and add dll to GAC

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Is your C++ project strong-name signed? Usually they both have to be. –  Nathan M Jan 23 '14 at 10:04
I think it is, for my c++ project in properties->Cofiguration Properties->Linker->Advanced->KeyFile I have path to same file I'm using to sign .net project –  user3227048 Jan 23 '14 at 10:52

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Did you look SWIG? I think it's a good solution you just have to write a wrapper for your need...

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Try using AutoWrap routine like sample for access MS Word.

Get sample at C++ app automates Word (CppAutomateWord)

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