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I have to open google chrome to a specific page after the server, written in Node.js, is ready. To do this I've used this code:

var open = require("../lib/node_modules/open");
open("localhost:4000", "chrome");

I know that exist the kiosk mode but

open("localhost:4000", "chrome --kiosk");

doesn't work.

How can I launch chrome in full screen from the Node.js server?


Close all other instances of chrome and use

var childProcess = require('child_process'); 
childProcess.exec('start chrome --kiosk localhost:4000');
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Are you sure it's node-related? Does chrome --kiosk does what you want when you run it from the command line manually? Also, wasn't it -kiosk? – Kos Jan 23 '14 at 10:01
It's node-related because I've the "main" file of node server that must launch chrome only when the server itself is ready – Max Markson Jan 23 '14 at 10:03
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I've had a quick look at the source code for open, specifically lines 31, 40 and 47. There you can see that the appname, your second parameter "chrome --kiosk" is escaped, which will result in "chrome%20--kiosk". This makes it impossible to add parameters to the appname when using open.

So your options are to:

  • either fork open and add the functionality to add parameters to open
  • use child_process.exec yourself in a similar fashion as open so you can prevent the escaping
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I tried with the second option: var childProcess = require('child_process'); childProcess.exec('start chrome --kiosk localhost:4000'); but still not working; it open the browser but not in full screen. Untill I'm without solution I can't fork the open project, but thanks for the idea ;) – Max Markson Jan 23 '14 at 10:25
does "start chrome --kiosk localhost:4000" work for you from the commandline, without using node? – Marco Tolk Jan 23 '14 at 10:28
No, it doesn't... – Max Markson Jan 23 '14 at 10:31
try the following: start chrome --kiosk "localhost:4000" the quotes around the URL are required. Also make sure you don't have a chrome instance open already. – Marco Tolk Jan 23 '14 at 10:32
The right tip was to close all other chrome instances, double quotes doesn't make any difference. Now I have to find a way to force the launch in a new window. Thanks :) – Max Markson Jan 23 '14 at 10:39

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