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Simple question, what does attrs.$observe do in Angularjs

Does it observer any changes in the html directive.

I have looked inline but the Angularjs documentation is woful

  attrs.$observe('scroller', function() {
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If you are not using isolated scope and you want to observe a attribute which has interpolation then you use attrs.$observe. Like

<div my-directive my-attribute="{{i}}">

$attrs.$observe("myAttribute",function(newValue) {
  //called when myAttribute value(i) changes
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I don't need observe an attribute but just the directive changing. It's a scroller directive so I just need to observe the scroller changing. I have updated the original post with the $observer code. When the scroller changes I want to run init(); –  ttmt Jan 23 at 10:21
Is it a custom directive you created. Observe simply means if there is a interpolation defined in the attribute value, it would observe that value, in the above case i. In your case if your html has <scroller='{{i}}', it would observe change to value of i –  Chandermani Jan 23 at 10:25
Yes it's a custom Directive using jScrollPane –  ttmt Jan 23 at 10:29

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