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I've got a PHP application on a free Heroku account. Today for no apparent reason I got Heroku's Application Error screen for about an hour. No downtimes on Heroku's status report page.

I'd like to check the logs to figure out why the application was down.. But have no idea how to do this! Can somebody please help me?

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Why do so many people give the exact same answer. heroku logs --tail does not show the full error traces. It didn't show them after I changed the production environment to "development" and changed the LOG_LEVEL variable. – max pleaner Jan 19 at 0:12
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Simply use heroku logs to display the last 100 lines of your logs.

Or to tail the logs in real-time: heroku logs -t

Heroku only saves the last 1500 lines of logs, which you can access using heroku logs -n 1500. If you want more logging, check out Heroku add-ons like Logentries or Papertrail.

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$ heroku logs -t --app app-name

This gives you all current logs (logentries add-on would be used)

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heroku logs --tail

With above command you can see continuous heroku logging.

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for checking all the logs in heroku console

config.logger = config.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG

put these two lines inside the environment on which you are running your heroku app(e.g. production.rb)

after that check logs here: heroku logs -t You can check detail logs there also errors too if any.

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