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I'm using this Mozilla ADD-ON to post the data in mailgun API RestClient


URL I'm using


Json Data I'm posting

        "from": "Kaushik <kaushik@gmail.com>"
        "to": "Kaushik <kaushikfb1@gmail.com>"
        "subject": "Hello This is test mail"
        "text": "Testing some Mailgun !"
        "html": "<html>Hello These <h2>contents belongs</h2> to html content</html>"


    "from": "Kaushik <kaushik@gmail.com>",
    "to": "Kaushik <kaushikfb1@gmail.com>",
    "subject": "Hello This is test mail",
    "text": "Testing some Mailgun !",
    "html": "<html>Hello These <h2>contents belongs</h2> to html content</html>"

In both cases what I'm getting is

   "message": "'from' parameter is missing"

I want to know how i can post the data.

In documentation they have not describe this process. I'm curious to know how it is working?

Here is the link for the documentation Click Here. They are using library for using in each language. If you know the library in detail you can help.

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Finally I found the answer of this so for the sake of other user so they may find a help from this post in future I'm submitting the answer.

the url is this one.


username = api

password = {your key}

Now after that set your content type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Now post the data. for formatting the data you can use this link Click Here

Demo data format

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