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I am facing an issue in Iterating for loop over multiple lists in flask jinja2 template.

My code is something looks like below

Type = 'RS'
IDs = ['1001','1002']
msgs = ['Success','Success']
rcs = ['0','1']
return render_template('form_result.html',type=type,IDs=IDs,msgs=msgs,rcs=rcs)

I am not sure of coming up with correct template so far,


    <h1>Type - {{Type}}!</h1>
    {% for reqID,msg,rc in reqIDs,msgs,rcs %}
    <h1>ID - {{ID}}</h1>
    {% if rc %}
    <h1>Status - {{msg}}!</h1>
    {% else %}
    <h1> Failed </h1>
    {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

Output I am trying to get is something like below in html page

Type - RS
 ID   - 1001
 Status - Failed

 ID   - 1002
 Status - Success
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You need to use zip() –  Kobi K Jan 23 at 11:01
@KobiK that was my first guess too.... It throws error UndefinedError: 'zip' is undefined –  user2190101 Jan 23 at 11:03

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you need zip() but it isn't defined in jinja2 templates.

one solution is zipping it before render_template function is called, like:

view function:

return render_template('form_result.html',type=type,reqIDs_msgs_rcs=zip(IDs,msgs,rcs))


{% for reqID,msg,rc in reqIDs_msgs_rcs %}
<h1>ID - {{ID}}</h1>
{% if rc %}
<h1>Status - {{msg}}!</h1>
{% else %}
<h1> Failed </h1>
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}

also, you can add zip to jinja2 template global, using Flask.add_template_x functions(or Flask.template_x decorators)

def _zip(*args, **kwargs): #to not overwrite builtin zip in globals
    return __builtins__.zip(*args, **kwargs)
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Awesome..... Its what I am trying to get. Thanks... –  user2190101 Jan 23 at 11:19
I found that docs.python.org/2/library/__builtin__.html says __builtins__ is Cpython implementation detail, not portable. I used import __builtin__ and return __builtin__.zip (no s) –  dajobe Dec 17 at 21:46

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