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When broker has one publisher and subscriber (via MQTT) there are no messages in persistance. I tested in LevelDB and MySQL. In LevelDB was only topics name. Maybe configuration was wrong or I need another persistance? Maybe MQTT messages not writes to message storage?

My task is get publishe/subscriber id's. How can I do this, maybe some of this:

  • get another persistance, such KahaDB with archiveDataLogs=true or high performance journal?
  • configured 'correctly' persistance?
  • get some logs or journal of broker?
  • write plug-in and get this data from RAM?

Version 5.9.

LevelDb configurtion:

  <LevelDB directory="${}/leveldb"/>

Now, I tried to get log archive in KahaDB? but no result. Archive folder empty:

  <kahaDB directory="${}/kahadb" archiveDataLogs="true" directoryArchive="${}/datalog"/>


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please post the version you are using and some configuration or code with your question or no one is going to be able to help you. – Martin Serrano Jan 23 '14 at 13:30

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I'm no expert in ActiveMQ but I think this could be pretty hard to achieve. Is using ActiveMQ a hard requirement for you or can you change the product?

If ActiveMQ isn't a hard reuqirement, an alternative might be to use a full-featured MQTT broker which explicitly allows to do message interception such as HiveMQ. With the plugin system it's perfectly possible to intercept messages, extract things and save it to a database of choice (be it SQL or NoSQL). You can find a blog post with a big picture how this would work here.

The documentation for the plugin system can be found here.

Please note that I may be biased since I work on HiveMQ.

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ActiveMQ is good because it support multiply protocols. Task was changed. I need only publishe/subscriber id's, not messages. – Andrew Shobotenko Jan 24 '14 at 18:48

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