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This is going on my nerves for so long now... I want to import an existing android project into my workspace, but sometimes there is already an existing project with the same name (best example: MainActivity, which is the most common name for example projects in tutorials)

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So I cannot import the new project into the workspace. Usually, I have to delete the MainActivity project A, before I can import project B using the same project name. Or (before import) I have to rename/modify the MainActivity and the Manifest.xml from project B.

I know the New Project Name field is editable, but if I change the project name i still cannot import the project into the workspace.

Is there any other workaround???

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Rename your existing project (f.e. MainActivity2)

Right click on the project --> Refactor --> Rename .

Import the project (in your case MainActivity)

Hope that helps

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the problem occurs BEFORE importing the projects into eclipse, so I cannot rename it –  longilong Jan 23 at 12:29
ok then rename the already imported projects , then import what you want –  Amrola Jan 23 at 12:59
:D oh shit... think out of the box... out of the box... –  longilong Jan 23 at 13:27

Open the project folder and edit the ".project" file. Just edit the name there.

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not every project containing the .project file. check this one for example developer.android.com/training/animation/screen-slide.html –  longilong Jan 23 at 12:33
Create a new file in that folder, called .project, and the file should contain something like <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <projectDescription> <name>title</name> </projectDescription> After that you can import the project normally –  bogdan Jan 23 at 13:26

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