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I want to see if a string has any white space in it. What's the most effective way of doing this in ruby?


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If by "white space" you mean in the Regular Expression sense, which is any of space character, tab, newline, carriage return or (I think) form-feed, then any of the answers provided will work:

s =~ /\s/

or even (not previously mentioned)


If you're only interested in checking for a space character, then try your preference of

s.match(" ")
s.index(" ")
s =~ / /
s[" "]

From irb (Ruby 1.8.6):

s = "a b"
puts s.match(/\s/) ? "yes" : "no" #-> yes
puts s.index(/\s/) ? "yes" : "no" #-> yes
puts s =~ /\s/ ? "yes" : "no" #-> yes
puts s[/\s/] ? "yes" : "no" #-> yes

s = "abc"
puts s.match(/\s/) ? "yes" : "no" #-> no
puts s.index(/\s/) ? "yes" : "no" #-> no
puts s =~ /\s/ ? "yes" : "no" #-> no
puts s[/\s/] ? "yes" : "no" #-> no
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It is usually done like this:

str =~ /\s/

You can read about regular expressions here.

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you can use index

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Isn't a tab whitespace? – Eli Jan 25 '10 at 6:51

I really enjoy using count for this.

"hello 1".count("")   #=> 0
"hello 1".count(" ")  #=> 1
" hello 1".count(" ") #=> 2

"hello 1".count(" ") > 0 #=> true
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