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I have an issue with the missing 'using System.Windows.Forms;' in windows phone 7.

this is the current version working on Visual Studio 2010.

     public void ChangeTextElement(String textbox, String txt)
            this.Controls[textbox].Text = txt;

   ChangeTextElement("txtMainTextField", txtMainTextField.Text + Environment.NewLine + " Hello world.");

It works on windows form application and it doesn't work on windows phone 7.

Any ideas?

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txtMainTextField.Text="Hello world"; thats only is needed –  A.K. Jan 23 '14 at 11:49

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Windows Forms is not supported on Windows Phone, only XAML which resembles Silverlight and WPF. If you declare your control in XAML like this:

You can set the text like this:

txtMyTextBlock.Text = "whatever string";

If you want to find control by name, you need to use VisualTreeHelper for finding the TextBlock control by name.

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