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In my application, I was going to use the webkit browser. Unfortunatly, as soon as I downloaded it and placed it in my code, I get this error. I have it referneced , in toolbox, please help.

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Is this question about C#? Is this question about VB.NET? Is this a question unrelated to a specific language? Anyway it's too generic, check/provide full error message/code. There is a NativeErrorCode property, check that code on MSDN and you'll see what's wrong. Did you include all webkit.net native dependencies? –  Adriano Repetti Jan 23 at 12:28
You seem to have downloaded the kit and added it to your toolbox... Is that right? You say you have referenced it. How did you do this? –  Mych Jan 23 at 13:54
@Mych I clicked download on the website and pressed save in the dialog. Then I opened my project and said 'Add Reference' and referenced the WebKitBrowser.dll –  user2155059 Jan 23 at 20:46
Ok... seems you have done all the steps. I've used this kit several times and I've had no issues. I'm using VS2010. I assume you have tried a restart of VisualStudio. If not try that. When do you get the error? –  Mych Jan 24 at 10:05

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