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I have a big jar package to install to my hdfs cluster, however I don't want to install it twice if I have ever installed it before, so it need a method to judge whether the jar package in the hdfs is the same as my local one. I want to use checksum to solve this problem. My code is like:

val fs = FileSystem.get(conf)
val lfs = FileSystem.getLocal(conf);
val localchecksum = lfs.getFileChecksum(src)
val hdfschecksum = fs.getFileChecksum(dst)
  //upload the jar file

Unfortunately, the LocalFileSystem does not implement getFileChecksum, and return null by default, so my code does not work anymore. So, how can I judge whether the jar file is already in the hdfs cluster, any method is welcome.

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Why not write your own md5 checksum? Load the file from hdfs do the checksum (your own version) , load the file from local, compute the checksum and compare.

Here is code to do it, copied from another SOF question

MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5");
try (InputStream is = Files.newInputStream(Paths.get("file.txt"))) {
  DigestInputStream dis = new DigestInputStream(is, md);
  /* Read stream to EOF as normal... */
byte[] digest = md.digest();

md5 checksum in java

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