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i am trying to programmatically do some changes in sharepoint as per the link below

in the link below there is a the second cod snippet is a C sharp code. where do i put this code ? or how can i use this code in sharepoint is not mentioned .. can anyone please tell me ?

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I haven't tried any of the code out in the post you linked to, but it looks like the C# code just needs to be compiled into an assembly and deployed to the SharePoint server.

The <CustomAction> element in the feature XML below the C# code references this assembly via the ControlAssembly attribute and the compiled class is referenced by the ControlClass attribute.

If you're adapting the code in the post and creating your own project, ensure that your assembly and class names are correctly referenced in the feature XML file (through the ControlAssembly and ControlClass attributes).

Alternatively you can download the author's SharePoint Solution Pack which contains this feature and others.

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you should create a new program to call the method

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