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Im developing a website using VS2008 on Windows 7. I am running a VM with IE6 on it and want to test that the site works ok on IE6. On the VM IE6 browser I type since my router gave the windows host that ip address but the browser errors with : Cannot find server or DNS Error I can ping the host though through a command window.

Could this be a firewall issue on Windows7 and how can I open it up to allow VM browsing of the host website?

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The most dangerouse but simplest way to test this theory:

Open the "Network and Sharing Center". If you look at the left panel at the button there should be a "Windows Firewall" under the "See also" section.
On the left again there should now appear a "Turn Windows Firewall on or off"

So you can now quickly test and see if it is in fact your firewall blocking it.

I would not keep the firewall off, and would consider plugging out the network cable before I do this.

Hope it helps Rihan

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