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I use Gnuplot and I would like to save values of a datafile into a variable with condition. For example, I have the following datafile 'example.dat':

columnl   column2
   5        7.0
   3        4.0
   7        6.0

In my gnuplot script, I would like to be able to write:

variable = " in the file 'example.dat' ($1)==5 ? $2 : 1/0 "

which would be here the same as:

variable = 7.0

of course the value depends on the datafile.

So is it possible?

If not, is it possible without condition?

Thank you for your help!

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probably one answer from here helps: stackoverflow.com/questions/7540614/… –  Tony J Stark Jan 23 '14 at 14:57
You could use stats 'example.dat' using ($1 == 5 ? $2 : 0); variable = STATS_sum, but that requires, that the value you want to extract is uniquely defined, i.e. there is exactly one row which matches the condition. –  Christoph Jan 23 '14 at 20:21

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