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I need to exclude dist/ folder from merging errors, I don't care if it is theirs, ours or other startegy but I need to keep it in the revision control since This is the way to deploy to heroku. .gitattributes script seems to be the way to go. But I can't seem to make this work.

I read this canonical answer and this similiar answer but can't find out what I'm doing wrong.

My .gitattributes config:

* text=auto
dist/ merge=keepMine

The relevant part of my .git/config :

[merge "keepMine"]
    name = always keep mine dist during merge
    driver = keepMine.sh %O %A %B

and keepMine.sh (in my project root folder, no the folder isn't in the path, but copying to a folder in the path didn't help and isn't a good solution since the script should be port of revision controll so all developers would get it):

# copied As is from the SO answer
# I want to keep MY version when there is a conflict
# Nothing to do: %A (the second parameter) already contains my version
# Just indicate the merge has been successfully "resolved" with the exit status
exit 0

EDIT: Also tried git config merge.keepMine.driver true as suggested in one of the SO answers above. didn't work

But I'm still getting merge errors (If I create them) for example in dist/styles/sdkasl.main.css for example.

What Am I doint wrong? Thanks for the help

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I'm at best a git novice, but I've been following this question for the past few days hoping to see a solution to your issue. Did you get it resolved? If not, perhaps How to make git ignore a directory while merging can help? –  Chrono Kitsune Jan 24 at 23:52
@ChronoKitsune this is another issue, I don't want to do a manual merge (in which that answer would help) but an automated merge.. –  alonisser Jan 25 at 18:31
I just tried what you described and it works for me. Could you please update your question with the output from a failing merge? E.g. GIT_TRACE=2 git merge ... –  Lasse Feb 24 at 13:10
Please post the output of git check-attr --all dist/styles/sdkasl.main.css –  jthill Apr 30 at 7:17
That's an oldy question, not sure I even have those files anymore.. I'll check. just for the sake of learning –  alonisser Apr 30 at 7:52

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