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I have a function that need to accept two parameters- user and folder! I call that function from VBscript, and parameters need to be send with post method. This is the Vbscript function code from where I want to post data:

Sub loadDocument()
Const HOST = ""& PC\User & "folder="&c:\foldername
Set xmlhttp = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
xmlhttp.open  "POST",HOST 
xmlhttp.send ""
End Sub

Now when i try to execute this function i getting error message that i have syntax error! I assume that error is in this line:

Const HOST = ""& PC\User & "folder="&c:\foldername

How I can resolve this, how i can post two variables to this function? Thanks!

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I think you cannot declare a Const variable with variable parts. Change the line to

dim userVar, folderVar, HOST

userVar = "PC\User"
folderVar = "c:\foldername"

HOST = "" & userVar & "&folder=" & folderVar
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Have you made sure the PC\User and c:\foldername paremeters you are using when constructing your HOST variable are propery URL Encoded?

You should also prepend an & to any additional parameter. You have not done this with your "folder=" paramenter, which should be "&folder=".

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All parameters are properly encoded. But somewhere in syntax a have error! – Comii Jan 25 '10 at 8:50
@Comii - Updated my answer. – Oded Jan 25 '10 at 8:57

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