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Duplicate of Calling .NET methods from VB6 via COM visible DLL

Which ways exist to use/call .NET classes/functions/libraries (.net 3.x) in VB6 or classical ASP ? Has anybody experiences with that ? How much effort is necessary to wrap .NET to COM ? Are there tools which help ?

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That question is not a duplicate - it's a very specific question about a problem with a particular routine. This question is much more general. – MarkJ Jan 25 '10 at 19:17

It's pretty easy actually and I have created .NET components called from both VB6 COM dlls and Classic ASP. You essentially need to create a COM callable wrapper thats exposes the .NET component to a COM client. This article will get you started

Calling a .NET component from a COM component

A couple of pointers

  • Any COM callable types will need a public parameterless constructor
  • Mark public any methods, properties or events that you want to expose to COM.
  • It's a good idea to explicitly implement an interface as opposed to relying on one to be generated from your class for you.
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Yes it is possible. .Net has functionality for generating a COM wrapper.

This is covered in this question:

  • Call .net classes from VB6 is done using a COM wrapper. This is the same in 2.0 as in 3.5. However, it is supposed to be much improved in 4.0.
  • The effort is the same as working with COM in general
  • In visual studio there is a setting "COM visible", if you check this VS will do a lot of the work generating the wrapper
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This is a comment, not an answer. – Binary Worrier Jan 25 '10 at 8:57
That question is different - it's a very specific question about a problem with a particular routine. This question is much more general – MarkJ Jan 25 '10 at 19:16

You might want to read this article:

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You can make .NET assemblies expose COM, therefore you can access the classes by any technology/programming language which has COM support. See this link for example.

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I would recommend the following reading:

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