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I'm currently working on a website where the user has to select a folder, which contains a number of data files. The path to this folder then has to be passed to a Perl-script. The script will then run the content of the folder.

The website, files and scripts will all be running on the same server. The user only has to use the web interface to select the folder in which the needed files are present, the path will then be passes to the script. So no uploading is needed, only selecting a folder path...

I hope this explanation is somewhat clear.

edit: I could select one of the files, retrieve the full path to the file and then remove the file name, but that seems not very efficient to me.

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What is the problem, adding a form, processing the form, etc.? –  jeroen Jan 23 at 15:00
@ jeroen I don't really know how to solve this programand what to use in order to achieve this. At the moment, I already have a running html form asking for details about the files, like project name etc. I also know the code to select one file and upload it. However, I need to select a folder containing a bunch of files. –  Fingashpitzzz Jan 23 at 15:18
You should try to narrow you problem down and post the code you have already concerning that problem. –  jeroen Jan 23 at 15:23
Is the question "How can a web page have a user select a local directory whose path is to be submitted by a form?" I don't think that's possible without requesting addition privileges from the user. It shouldn't be. –  ikegami Jan 23 at 15:28
@ikegami Yes it is –  Fingashpitzzz Jan 23 at 15:31

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So you want to user pick a path from the file system of another machine. Fortunately, that machine is the source of a web page the user is visiting.

You will need to provide the possible paths to the user. You will need to write a means for the user to pick the paths.

The simplest approach is to generate a form with SELECT element containing the possible paths as options.

<form method="POST" action="...">
   <select name="path">

If you feel adventurous, it's possible to create a nice hierarchical picker using "dynamic HTML" -- you could even use AJAX so the whole tree doesn't have to be sent to the client at once -- but there's isn't anything of the kind built in.

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I solved it as follows

One of the server-admins will put the data in a certain folder on the server, say path/to/data/a_project_name.

When submitting the project using a form, I include a hidden input-field containing path/to/data/, because all projects will be placed here. The user has to submit the name of the project, which has to be a complete match with a_folder_name.

Then I merge these two in one variable. This variable can then be used as argument for the Perl-script.

Kudos to ikegami!

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