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I have a Datagrid whose column properties had to be saved automatically when changed. I am using ISOLATED STORAGE Settings to achieve this. As of now I am storing the DISPLAY INDEX property of the DataGrid Column.

In my code behind I am trying to push the settings along with the DataGridName as follows

List<GridColumnSettings> settings = new List<GridColumnSettings>();
for (int index = 0; index < dcDataGrid.Columns.Count; index++)
                DataGridColumn column = dcDataGrid.Columns[index];
                SettingsViewModel.GridColumnSettings setting = new GridColumnSettings(column.DisplayIndex, index);
**SendTemplatesSettingsViewModel.SaveSettings(settings, "dcBrowserDataGrid")**

The SaveSettings method looks liks this

    public class SendTemplatesSettingsViewModel

            public class GridColumnSettings
                public int Index { get; set; } //Managing the column ordering of the DataGrid

                public int DisplayIndex { get; set; } //Store the Index/order of the column in the underlying datasource/ViewModel.

                public GridColumnSettings(int columnIndex, int displayIndex)
                    this.DisplayIndex = columnIndex;
                    this.Index = displayIndex;
public void SaveSettings(List<SendTemplatesSettingsViewModel.GridColumnSettings> settings, string gridName)
            mySettings.SetSetting<List<GridColumnSettings>>(gridName, settings);

The SetSettings method is just instantiating the ISOLATED Storage and adding the values.

I would also like to store the Sorting order of the columns, but I am not able to find the right property to do so. Hope anyone can help. Thanks in advance.

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I would use a collection view source as the data grid source then read/write to the SortDescriptions property:

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