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I work on a system who always bug with the google font load, but i can't see when the font is not loaded because I have all these font in local (for Photoshop) so the font look like good on my computer.

So, I would like to disable all these font in chrome so I can see quickly if the google font is correctly load or not.

Do you think it's possible ??

Thank you

PS: Excuse my english, i'm French.

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Temporarily remove them? E.g. move them out of \fonts on Windows –  Alex K. Jan 23 at 15:37
yes but i'm more searching a general that i can integrate to my workflow –  young shot Jan 24 at 8:56
you can change font name in your css. you can set name of your font in font-face syntax, like below : @font-face{ font-family: myCustomFontName; src: url(FontName.ttf);} Just change myCustomFontName to something unlike font name in local system. –  Mahmood Kohansal Feb 5 at 16:30
thanks, that a good idea :) –  young shot Apr 22 at 14:34

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