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When entering the following definition

datatype env = "nat => 'a option"

Isabelle/jedit shows an exclamation mark and says

Legacy feature! Bad name binding: "nat => 'a option" 

What is the problem and how can I fix this type synonym?

Update: even

datatype 'a env = "nat => 'a option"

which is better a definition in theory did not solve the problem.

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On the right-hand side of a datatype definition, you normally list the constructors of the datatype. In your example, you have not written any constructor, so datatype thinks that you want to call it nat => 'a option, which is not a legal name for a constructor or any other Isabelle constant.

If you just want to introduce env as a type abbreviation for nat => 'a option, type_synonym is what you are looking for.

type_synonym 'a env = "nat => 'a option"

Note that you have to repeat all type variables on the left-hand side. Then, 'a env and nat => 'a option can be used interchangeably. If you want to introduce a new type constructor for env, then you must provide a constructor name such as Env:

datatype 'a env = Env "nat => 'a option"
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Thanks, I was exeperimenting with typedef and was not aware of type_synonym. –  Gergely Jan 24 at 9:46
typedef is something different: it defines a type as a subset of another pre‑existing set type (the defined subset has to be proved non‑empty). See “11.5 Typedef axiomatization” in isar-ref.pdf for more. This is part of some may‑be confusing vocabulary Isabelle uses :-P . –  Hibou57 Apr 20 at 3:40

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