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Is there a noticeable difference between:

SELECT userid, username, userdept,
    (SELECT deptname FROM depts WHERE deptid=userdept) AS deptname
    FROM users


SELECT userid, username FROM users
    INNER JOIN depts ON depts.deptid=users.userdept

Which one is better?

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Your second query has better performance.

You can see this example:

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you can see the many discussion in SO on this topic as well.

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These two queries are not synonyms.

They would be the synonyms if you replaced the INNER JOIN with the LEFT JOIN, with the exception that the subquery is a subject to failure if deptid is not unique, while a LEFT JOIN will always succeed.

If there is a UNIQUE index on depts.deptid (which most probably is, since this field is most probably a PRIMARY KEY), then the performance difference would be negligible.

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