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I have following set of Co-ordinates


This is the format of WGS-84. Please let me know what does the first point denote, second point denote upto 5th point.

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We need more information. Where did those coordinates come from? The last two numbers might be longitude and latitude if the point is supposed to be near Barstow, CA. –  geocodezip Jan 23 at 17:02
These points are coming from the database which has images captured through radar. –  Manoj Sethi Jan 23 at 17:17
What are the columns in the database? Where does the date come from? Someone has to tell you what the numbers are. Asking here isn't going to help. –  geocodezip Jan 23 at 17:47
WGS-84 is just a reference system to map coordinates to the globe. Usually there are only two numbers (latitude and longitude) to define a point, sometimes a third point of altitude (like in KML) will be specified. –  geocodezip Jan 23 at 18:02
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I got the answer refer this link

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