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I have an application which uses Processes, and Pipes to communicate between them. This needs to be cross-platform (at least Windows and OS X). The code works fine but what I'm struggling with is type sanity checking because on OS X:

>>> from multiprocessing import Pipe
>>> a,b = Pipe()
>>> type(a)
<class 'multiprocessing.connection.Connection'>

whereas on Windows:

>>> from multiprocessing import Pipe
>>> a,b = Pipe()
>>> type(a)
<class 'multiprocessing.connection.PipeConnection'>

I am using python 3.3.3 on both platforms. What I want to do is have statements like:

assert isinstance(conn, Connection)

Is there a clean way to do this in a platform-agnostic way? Or would I have to do OS checks everywhere to differentiate between Connection and PipeConnection?

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Why does it matter that the types are 'different'? –  wnnmaw Jan 23 at 17:06
Because if I want to do type checking it matters. PipeConnection doesn't exist on OS X, and isinstance(conn, Connection) is False on Windows. –  Alex Z Jan 23 at 17:16
Basically I am writing a function that is intended to be the target of a Process, and ideally I'd like to verify that the arg passed to it is a Connection/PipeConnection. –  Alex Z Jan 23 at 17:18
Explicit type checking in Python is discouraged (in part because of things like this), so try to use duck-typing. Instead of isinstance(), try hasattr() –  wnnmaw Jan 23 at 17:23
OK, that's a workaround. Maybe I'm in a python minority, but I think duck-typing is much weaker than type checking...I guess I was hoping there was an undocumented ABC or something for both types. –  Alex Z Jan 23 at 17:43

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