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I am using Netbeans 6.8 and trying to create a custom PHP comment code block macro the /* */ style and not the usual double slash.

So far with googling and asking in PHPUGPH, I got this macro code (tools->options->editor->macros):

copy-to-clipboard delete-previous "/*" paste-from-clipboard "*/" 

You must first highlight the code and press the shortcut key combination to make a comment block.

My problem now is I don't know what is the macro code to uncomment PHP block. I got this LINK and trying to use the codes but I can't make it work. Maybe I'm missing something?

Do you know a list of helpful macro code list for PHP Netbeans? I can't find a list of macro commands for Netbeans.

Thanks in Advance, Mark

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I know this is old (a little over a year), but I found this while looking for useful macros for netbeans and noticed it was still unanswered. I've figured out a solution if you're still interested. I know I'll be using it from now on, thanks for the idea :)


Edit: BTW, I'm using 7.0.1, but I believe this should still work in 6.8

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I'm not sure about macros, but I know Netbeans has a really useful comment and uncomment buttons for a block of code. Simply highlight all the code you want to comment or uncomment and click one of the 2 buttons. (one button for commenting, the other for uncommenting)

enter image description here

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It will add a slash comment and not a block comment ---> /* */ – marknt15 Mar 8 '10 at 8:09

this macro worked for me (similar to dreamweaver php block comment).

added to options > editor > macros

cut-to-clipboard "<?php /*" paste-from-clipboard "*/ ?>" 

i set the keyboard shortcut to shift+option+cmd+c (mac)

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Here is one of the simple solution for doing this

Just create your macro and then put this code in macro

copy-to-clipboard " " paste-from-clipboard ""

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