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Is there a concise way to fetch a particular commit (by sha1) from a remote repository (as opposed to fetching a particular branch)? My first thought was

git fetch <remote-url> <sha1>

but that doesn't work. It is possible to use git ls-remote to see if the commit you're looking for happens to correspond to some remote ref and pull that. But that can fail if the commit you want is buried in the history of one of those refs, plus it seems like there must be a more concise way.

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This is not possible. Quoting a thread from the Git mailing list archive:

No, out of security concerns; imagine you included some proprietary source code by mistake, and undo the damage by forcing a push with a branch that does not have the incriminating code. Usually you do not control the garbage-collection on the server, yet you still do not want other people to fetch "by SHA-1".

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