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Id like to create an animation that when I tap on a GMSmarker, a uiview will appear with growing effect from the left or right corner of the given control/ image and include the marker in it's corner (image shows final result)

enter image description here

so i know how to create the XIB and the related UIView, as well as adding them to the ViewController, please help with the animation part

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You know the start frame of the view...

CGRect startFrame = CGRectMake(pin.x, pin.y, 0, 0);

You know the end frame of the view...

CGFloat height = 100;
CGFloat width = 100;

CGRect endFrame = CGRectMake(pin.x, pin.y - height, width, height);

So you can animate it...

theView.frame = startFrame;

[UIView animateWithDuration:1.0 animations:^(){
    theView.frame = endFrame;

This will animate out from the bottom left corner.

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