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In the TestComplete JScript script below, what does the AssertNoError keyword mean and what does it do?

  //Get Reference of Temp floder and List of Files Present in it
  oTempFldRef = AssertNoError("UtilsCommon.GetWindow",Sys.Process("Explorer"),"CabinetWClass","Temp",-1,10000,true);       
  strTempList =  oTempFldRef.FindChild(["WndClass","Caption"],["DirectUIHWND","Items View"],5);
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Welcome to stackoverflow! I think you need to elaborate a little bit. The queston is very vague .. – davidkonrad Jan 23 '14 at 18:13

There's no built-in TestComplete function named AssertNoError. It must be defined somewhere in your project. You can Ctrl-click the function name to jump to its implementation.

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