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I am trying to set up SEO in a LocomotiveCMS installation using liquid syntax. I'm trying to code it so that the page title is pulled dynamically using {{ page.title }} and then forcing it to capitalize the first letter of each word.

I tried this:

      {{ page.title | camelcase }} | {{ site.name }}

Based on the liquid syntax documentation here: http://docs.shopify.com/themes/liquid-basics/output#camelize

But it's not working. Using capitalize works, but it only capitalizes the first letter of the first word.


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I tried using camelize in place of camelcase as well but that didn't work either. –  APAD1 Jan 23 at 17:52

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I would suggest to use a plugin to obtain this behavior


require 'liquid'
require 'uri'

# Capitalize all words of the input
module CapitalizeAll
  def capitalize_all(words)
    return words.split(' ').map(&:capitalize).join(' ')



{{ "mein text" | capitalize_all }}
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Much better solution, thank you! –  APAD1 May 5 at 15:35
It's a pleasure to help –  AsTeR May 5 at 23:05

Regarding to the link you have posted, the camel case works as follows:

{{ 'coming-soon' | camelcase }}

It takes a string with its words separated with '-' and camelcases it. I have only one question: How are your 'page.title' coming? are its words separated with '-'? or do you have a text like this: "this is the title of my page"? if thats the case, you should replace it with: "this-is-the-title-of-my-page"

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the responses, I actually figured out a workaround right after posting this. Instead of calling page.title I am now pulling page.seo_title which can be manually entered through the LocomotiveCMS backend with the correct capitalization.

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how about setting this up with CSS ?

title {

edit: i did a typo about text-transform, now it is fixed;

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That is not what he wants. He wants that all the words from his title start with a capital letter. –  taxicala Jan 23 at 17:56
sorry, i meant: text-transform:capitalize; –  Ty Kayn Feb 11 at 12:53

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