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Sorry if the question itself seems a bit confusing this is my code for my cpp file.


 #include <iostream>
 using namespace std;
 #include "Fraction.h"

 int unitTests(Fraction* f) {

 cout << "Fraction Simplifier Tests" << endl;
 cout << "=========================" << endl;

 // fill in code for unit tests

    int num, den;


    cout << "Input:  " << num << "/" << den << endl;
    cout << "Output: " << num << "/" << den << endl;


 int main() {
 Fraction fraction;
 bool passed;

 passed = unitTests(&fraction);

 if (passed)
     cout << "Passed All Tests" << endl;
     cout << "Failed Tests" << endl;

This is my .h file

class Fraction {
  int n, d;

  void set(int n, int d);
  void simplify();
  void display() const;
  int numerator() const;
  int denominator() const;

I have another .cpp file where i store the code for my member functions, but im not having any issue with that so i wont include it.

Basically im getting the error that says I cannot call a member function from void Fraction::set(int, int) without an object. I am unsure how i would go about doing this... I have changed the line to Fraction::fraction.set(4,16) in my confusion. If anyone could shed some light on how I would go about how I can use my fraction object here it would be much appreciated.

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This is just that your "call a member function" syntax is wrong; the rest of the code and the question is all besides the point.

When you wrote:


You meant:


There are other problems, like your int num, den have no values and don't do anything.

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Nevermind... you were right thanks so much will select as right answer when timer runs out –  Mykalz Jan 23 at 18:02

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