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I have some network traffic in the following format:

Timestamp | Source | Destination | Protocol | Port | Payload | Payload Size

I am trying to determine if there are any known attacks in this traffic. For this, I was looking at some intrusion detection systems. It looks like both Snort and Bro require the dump to be pcap file for further offline analysis. I looked up the documentation of both systems in detail but could not find any options of handling the data that I have.

Any suggestions on how to perform this analysis? Specifically, I am looking for one of the following:

  • Some pointers on how to directly use the systems to analyze this data in plain text
  • Tool to convert this data into a PCAP file that I can later use with the systems
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Is this a programming question? –  Robert Harvey Jan 23 at 18:11
@RobertHarvey: No. I'm not looking for an implementation but rather a methodology to achieve this (if it is possible that is). –  Legend Jan 23 at 18:11
Your question is under-specified. I can't tell if you're looking for an analysis algorithm, a parsing algorithm, or a way to convert the data to pcap so that those programs can handle it. –  Robert Harvey Jan 23 at 18:13
Ok; Let me add more details. –  Legend Jan 23 at 18:14
@RobertHarvey: Just updated my question. Let me know if it I need to add other clarification. Thanks! –  Legend Jan 23 at 18:19
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