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I've finally got this to work and I can filter by searching by name. I cannot, however, get it to filter by searching for a value in any column. For example, I want to be able to type in 'gmail' and to show only those records that have gmail in any of the table cells in that row. Even if I add class="name" to every td, they are not included in the search.


<input type="search" id="search" placeholder="Search table by name">

    <table caption="Data type 1" sortable id="name_table"><col width="20%"><col width="20%"><col width="15%"><col width="20%"><col width="25%">
                <th>Name</th><th>Address</th><th>Job No.</th><th class="no-sort">Phone</th><th>Email</th>
                <td colspan="5">End of records</td>
                <td class="name">John Smith</td><td>123 Fake Street</td><td>Job 117</td><td>0405788996</td><td>john@company.co</td>
                <td class="name">Jane Smyth</td><td>1234 False Road</td><td>Job 118</td><td>0405788555</td><td>jane@hercompany.co</td>
                <td class="name">Alexey Fadeev</td><td>12 Dubio Lane</td><td>Job 119</td><td>0405788966</td><td>af@anothercompany.co</td>



    // Table Search
    $('#search').keyup(function() {
      var regex = new RegExp($('#search').val(), "i");
      var rows = $('table tbody tr');
      rows.each(function (index) {
        name = $(this).children(".name").html()
        if (name.search(regex) != -1) {
        } else {

I would love to be able to add a class to every column or cell within <tbody> I want to include in the search. Any tips?

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When using .html() method, it return the HTML of the first element in the stack. May i suggest you to change this line :

name = $(this).children(".name").html();

to this :

name = $(this).text();
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Ah. That makes sense. Now I'm wondering how I missed it. –  ladam24 Jan 23 at 19:36

you are not including all the text in the tr use

$(this).html(); or $(this).text();

instead of

name = $(this).children(".name").html();
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Thank you for your answer. –  ladam24 Jan 23 at 19:37

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