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I have a cell with the contents myFuction(param), I would like to run this function again when I click a button (essentially refresh this cell)

I tried setting the cell contents to "" and then setting them back to "myFunction(param)" but it returns #NAME?

SOLUTION: Override onEdit() method for cells that myFunction(param) listens to and update the cell that contained myFunction from onEdit

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If you want to refresh the function you should update it a little bit:

  1. myFunction(param,dummy)
  2. Upon calling the function, make sure you pass a dummy element as well. myFunction(A1,"dw")
  3. To refresh, just change the dummy element's value: myFunction(A1,"dw3")

If you want an easier way to refresh, have the dummy element pointing to another cell and only change that cell's value: myFunction(A1,B1). A1 would be the actual param and B1 the refresher.

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