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I am testing installshield trial version for Visual Studio 2013. I create a InstallScriptProject and define all the properties. Finally I build and generate Setup.exe file.

as I need to generate a Silent mode I run

Setup.exe -r

and the instalation begun with the message

"this Setup was created with an EVALUATION VERSION of InstallShield"

I do not know if it is correct to start the instalation when run SETUP -R.

ISS file was generated in C:\Windows.

I Copy that file in the working directory and run

Setup.exe -s

Log file was generated with error. And here is my confusion...

If I complete the Instalacion when I run SETUP -R the error is "-8", If I do not complete, the error is "-3"

Furthermore, the application was installed correctly and works fine in that PC.

I am missing something?


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