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I am trying to write a script that displays its output to the terminal only while it's running, much like the 'less' or 'ssh' commands.

When I launch said script, it would take over the whole terminal, print what it needs to print, and then when I exit the script, I would return to my terminal where the only record that my script has run will be the line that shows the command itself. When I scroll up, I don't want to see what my script output.

[snoopdougg@machine /home/snoopdougg/logs]$ ls
alog.log      blog.log      clog.log      myScript.sh
[snoopdougg@machine /home/snoopdougg/logs]$ whoami
[snoopdougg@machine /home/snoopdougg/logs]$ ./myScript.sh
[snoopdougg@machine /home/snoopdougg/logs]$ 

(Like nothing ever happened... but myScript.sh would have print things to the terminal while it was running).

How can I do this?

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You're talking about the alternate screen, which you can access with a pair of terminal attributes, smcup and rmcup. Put this in a script and run it for a small demo:

tput smcup
echo hello
sleep 5
tput rmcup
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Perfect, that's exactly what I needed. Thanks! –  SnoopDougg Jan 23 '14 at 21:24

Use screen:

screen ./myScript.sh
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