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I want to retrieve the system language of a Macintosh in ISO-639-2 format (that is, in three character format).

Currently, I'm trying to use [NSUserdefault objectforkey:@"Applelanguages"]. This returns the Language code in 2 character format.

Whatever API I end up using, it should support MacOS X versions from 10.3.9 forward.

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some body quickly reply.... – Pradeep Kumar Jan 25 '10 at 13:19
Don't rush people. You'll get an answer when (1) somebody sees your question who (2) has an answer for it and (3) wants to give that answer and (4) finishes typing it. If you want answers any faster than that, hire a consultant. – Peter Hosey Jan 26 '10 at 8:16
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The relevant sections of the document are Internationalization Guide, another section of the same guide, and CFLocale reference. Unfortunately I don't think there's a standard API provided which convert 639-1 to 639-2. As explained there, OS X uses a mixture of both, and the canonical form used by the OS can be obtained by CFLocaleCreateCanonicalLanguageIdentifierFromString. But this is not what you want, unfortunately.

I would suggest you to process the table given here into an NSDictionary yourself.

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For people needing this and don't want to process the table themselves, I created a category on NSLocale which should probably work on OS X also.

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