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I have an ASP.NET web application, which has an Ajax Control Toolkit TabContainer on the main page. I want the TabContainer and child TabPanels to all have a semi-transparent background, so you can see the main page's background image through the TabPanel's backgrounds.

I don't want to just set the opacity because that would make the foreground stuff opaque too. I don't want to set the TabPanel's background color to Transparent either, because I really want it to be semi-transparent.

I tried using this as a style, but it doesn't seem to work in Chrome or IE. I think it's CSS 3.0 and maybe not supported? (it shows a CSS 2.0 validation error in Visual Studio)


Any suggestions?

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Can't you do this?


Using the > selector, this sets the opacity only on .TabContainer and .TabPanel, but none of their child elements.

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