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I am wondering how to do something so If someone knows I will be glad to hear. I have the following models


I have two types of users - student and teacher. What I want to have is two tables

CourseTeacher - course_id, teacher_id 
CourseStudent - course_id, student_id

My User model has usertype_id column. So I am wondering how to use has_many_and_belongs_to in that case because everything depends on usertype_id column in User model.

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I think class inheritance is a cleaner way to model your domain logic:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

class Student < User

class Teacher < User

Then the table would have an id and type column, greatly simplifying what you're trying to accomplish. Read the API docs to learn more: Single Table Inheritance

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If you don't have ability to refactor, you can try using this approach:

Instead of 2 tables create one:

class CoursesUsers
  belongs_to :course
  belongs_to :user

And the decide yourself logic inside the user model (It seems like polymorphic to me)

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