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I try to begin an app with scala, play, slick, specs2 & is a trait for sqlite integration:

import scala.slick.driver.SQLiteDriver.simple._
import metier.Objets._
import scala.slick.lifted.ProvenShape
import java.sql.Date

package models {

trait sqlite {

val db = Database.forURL("jdbc:sqlite:rdvs.txt", driver = "org.sqlite.JDBC")
//val db = Database.forDataSource(DB.getDataSource())  

class Personnes(tag: Tag) extends Table[Rdv](tag, "RDV") {

  def id = column[Int]("ID", O.PrimaryKey, O.AutoInc)
  def nom = column[String]("NOM", O.NotNull)
  def prénom = column[String]("PRENOM")
  def sexe = column[Int]("SEXE")
  def télPortable = column[String]("TELPOR")
  def télBureau = column[String]("TELBUR")
  def télPrivé = column[String]("TELPRI")
  def siteRDV = column[String]("SITE")
  def typeRDV = column[String]("TYPE")
  def libelléRDV = column[String]("LIBELLE")
  def numRDV = column[String]("NUMRDV")
  def étape = column[String]("ETAPE")
  def dateRDV = column[Date]("DATE")
  def heureRDVString = column[String]("HEURE")
  def statut = column[String]("STATUT")
  def orderId = column[String]("ORDERID")

  def * = (id.?, nom, prénom, sexe, télPortable, télBureau, télPrivé,
    siteRDV, typeRDV, libelléRDV, numRDV, étape, dateRDV, heureRDVString,
    statut, orderId) <> (Rdv.tupled, Rdv.unapply _)




the test is this:

package tests {

class SqliteSpec extends Specification with sqlite {


"la base sqlite" should {

  "create a new database file" in new Sqlite_avant_chaque_test {


class Sqlite_avant_chaque_test extends Scope {

  println("avant test")

  //db.withDynSession {
  db.withSession { implicit session: Session =>
    val personnes = TableQuery[Personnes]
    println("avant tests, après création base")



and when I launch the test in eclipse I get this error:

java.lang.Exception: Could not instantiate class tests.SqliteSpec: org.sqlite.JDBC

In my test class, I however have this import :

import scala.slick.driver.SQLiteDriver.simple._

which should load the sqlite driver of slick.

can you help me?

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Can you try adding lazy val to val db = Database.forURL(...) you might get a better stacktrace. – Eric Jan 24 '14 at 3:11
it gives : "class not found exception : org.sqlite.JDBC" – lolveley Jan 24 '14 at 7:23
Is the sqlite jar really on the classpath? – Eric Jan 24 '14 at 7:32
hello eric, I thought the sqlite driver was given by slick! – lolveley Jan 24 '14 at 8:53
so I don't know what to do?Should I add a java driver or a scala wrapper of a java driver? – lolveley Jan 24 '14 at 10:36

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