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I often use a construct like this:

var $this, url, callback; //some private vars
loadCallback = function($that, url, callback) {
    return function(responseText, textStatus, req) {
})($this, url, callback)

However that is not quite comfortable. Is there some alternative?
I already took a look at jQuery.proxy, but that functions seems to fix the "this" variable so loadCallback can not get called applying another "this" context.

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There are other ways to do it, but they all generally do the same thing. Either you change the context, pass an additional parameter, or store it in a parent scope (or any scope that the child scope has access to) – Kevin B Jan 23 '14 at 22:59

In modern browsers use bind. Implement your own simple version like this:

function bind(fn, _this) {
    var _args =, 2); 
    return function() {
        return fn.apply(_this, _args.concat(;


var loadCallback = bind(function(url, responseText, textStatus, req) {
    console.log(url, responseText)
}, this, url);

A more complete polyfill can be found on MDN.

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what browsers are supported? – Merion Jan 24 '14 at 8:17

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